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Information Technology Services

Web Applications

In Tameem’s business, we seek to enrich the fields of Arab marketing and technology, to help our partners around the world obtain integrated smart solutions in the field of software, mobile applications, web design, electronic marketing, photography, and others. In the world of technology.

Mobile Applications

We put at your fingertips a mobile application design and development service from realizing your mobile application ideas in feature-rich user experiences. As one of the best mobile application development companies in Sudan and the East region, we provide on-demand mobile application development services for both iOS and Android platforms regardless of the type of device (phone or tablet).

Domain reservations and Internet hosts

Due to the fact that the field of booking servers and hosting greatly overlaps with a group of other services such as designing websites, programming systems, connecting networks, monitoring systems and cameras. We are working to provide these services to our client in order to save him the trouble of continuous research, consultation and the process of reconciling services in order to work properly with each other

Computer accessory Services

We provide companies with all the needs of computer equipment such as (monitors - printers - cables - accessories - mice) and we also provide the needs of printers such as inks and papers, and we strive to provide the best brands to the consumer such as (HP - Dell - Logitech) and other big brands

Technical support and network maintenance

We provide technical support services and periodic examination of the entire network system for institutions and establishments, which prevents problems from occurring before they occur through technical consultations and technical solutions. We provide network maintenance and technical support services to ensure that the system has the support, security and protection it needs

Surveillance cameras (CCTV)

We have a specialized team at the highest technical level in the field of installing cameras and security surveillance systems of all kinds. We install all kinds of wired and wireless surveillance cameras in all places. We have nearly ten years of experience working in the field of surveillance cameras, as we have installed cameras in hundreds of Companies, factories, governmental and private agencies, ministries, local and international bodies, and at the level of all states of Sudan




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