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Customs clearance services and accompanying services.

Customs Clearance

Our launch towards the world of customs clearance and transportation began in 1997 with license No. 289 in the name of Abdul Rahman Tamim Clearance and Transport works, and with more work and building a wall of trust between our company and our clients, our launch increased, the number of our clients increased, and our activities increased inside and outside Sudan from east to west and from north to south.

We are one of the best and most experienced companies in the field of customs clearance and transportation, and we have close working relationships with a selection of companies and commercial and industrial establishments inside and outside Sudan.

Storage and absorption

Warehouse and warehousing services are among the most important logistical operations, as they are parallel to the production and shipping processes in terms of importance, and for customs clearance they are one of the most important foundations of their operations.

Therefore, we provide you, our dear customers, with the best stores available in the city of Port Sudan, while providing all the basics and conditions for storage for different products

Shipping and deportations

We provide our dear customers with the fastest and best services for shipping goods from the ports of Port Sudan and Suakin to all the different states of Sudan, whether they are to the west, north or central, where we have a fleet that connects all the states of Sudan through daily travels of goods, products and vehicles coming through the sea ports of Sudan

Consulting services

If you have any questions or inquiries about customs clearance operations, shipping and unloading, import and export, or all services related to this field? We will provide you with the necessary advisory services for all of these procedures, and we will even help you to complete your work in the required manner in the required time.

Import & Export

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